How to Start Internet Marketing – Equipment and Software

You have been attracted by the prospect, but now the question is how to start Internet Marketing? You will want to get started straight away, no time to lose, but what are the essential things that you need in place. What equipment and software do you need before you can seriously sit down and get your business going?


The first thing that you really need to consider though is workspace. It might have worked for the odd day or so in the past but utilising the kitchen, or even the dining room, on a permanent basis is likely to present a few problems. So make sure you can identify an area where you can set up. Ideally it will be an office space where you can take yourself away from everything else that is going on around the house. It will also need access to the telephone line and broadband connection.

Desk, Chair and Computer

Having found your workspace then you have somewhere to locate your desk and a chair. The desk needs to be big enough and the chair comfortable, but you can find plenty of these at budget prices, or second hand, if necessary. If you asked most people how to start Internet Marketing they would tell you to get a computer. Obviously this is essential, but, again, there is a lot to choose from without requiring a big budget. Look for RAM as high as you can afford as this affects performance. Ensure that you set up your workstation in a comfortable fashion, this is where you will spend most of your time.

Other Equipment

You will need a telephone. You will also need a copier, a scanner and a printer, which might all come in one machine. A notebook is vital. It’s worth getting quite a big one as you will be learning a lot and you will want to take plenty of notes. Some form of external storage is also very important for storing records away from your machine.


There are a number of elements of software that you will need in order to start internet marketing.

  • Anti Virus/Anti Malware Now we come onto the software that you need to start internet marketing. You will need Anti Virus software from the outset, both Bullguard and AVG provide good value, and you can also get free software from Avira ( Anti Malware is a good idea too (you can get a free download from
  • Email You will have an email account but it is useful to have more. Google Mail is a good option
  • Word Processing and Spreadsheet Microsoft Office is the obvious choice but OpenOffice ( is a good alternative if you are on a tight budget.
  • Web Design It will be useful to have software to enable to modify websites even if you don’t have the confidence to design your own. NVU is free and reasonably easy for novices to get around.
  • Hosting Your websites will need hosting unless you operate entirely with options such as Squidoo and HubPages. Hostgator is a good option.
  • FTP FTP software will be required to publish your sites to the Internet. Filezilla is a popular, and free, option.
  • Auto Responder Last but not least, if you are to be successful you will soon require Auto responder software. This enables you to communicate professionally and automatically with people who respond to your offers. Aweber is considered to be the leader in the field.

So there you go. Now you can see you how to start in internet marketing. You can see that you can make a start with free software in many cases, although you may want to upgrade later. I would suggest getting some budget costs before you start to give yourself confidence. There are links to most of the products suggested at

Once you are happy, off you go. Good luck.

FTP Affordable Hosting

File transfer protocol or FTP is a standard procedure for transferring information over the web. It basically copies data from one host and sends it to the other over a network. It allows people to exchange data over internet safely and effortlessly even for the users with no or little acquaintance.

FTP client software helps the clients to transfer information from your personal hard drives to the remote servers. One can not only upload a personal webpage by transmitting information from personal hard-disk to a remote web server but can also download software shared by others from various sites with any obscurity. With FTP, you can just download a file easily, rapidly and with saving all your precious time.

Just like HTTP server which transfers displayable graphic web pages, and for transferring emails, we use the SMTP servers (simple mail transfer protocols), utilization of FTP is for transferring web page files by utilizing internet’s TCP/IP protocols. The FTP helps in affordable hosting of software and other web pages over the server which can be effortlessly downloaded to any personal computer system.

FTP is nowadays attracting many clients who find transferring material through internet e-mails very gross and difficult as e-mails are unable to support large size data software. For dealing with the transfer with such large-sized documents and software, FTP is the best choice. Nowadays, many FTP clients are coming into the market which makes your software upload and transfer very easily and in a simple way.

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FileZilla is fast FTP client server which helps in affordable hosting. It comes packed with enormous features making your task of uploading, downloading and managing the web content easier and comfortable. The software application comes with a free license, so that you can download and use it for free.

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