Internet Marketing Software That Does Not Work!

There is a huge amount of software and scripts available for use in websites aimed at internet marketing and in general they do a great job of saving time and effort by automating certain tasks or making possible things that make a website more interesting.

However, unfortunately there are often many problems getting the software to work properly.

This week I had a list of things I was trying to get done with my web marketing business and ended up stopped at every turn.

First I tried to update my footer ad software which promptly stopped working and no amount of changes and configuration could get it working again, so gave up on that.

Next I saw an amazing piece of software which was supposed to create animated figures on your website to interest visitors and which could be clicked to link to such as an optin box or similar, and the preview looked really impressive and I intended adding it to many of my sites. However I need to run it on blogs and have not been able to get it working yet. There is a video tutorial for using it but that assumes you are installing it on a normal HTML website and unfortunately installing it on a blog (php site) is not straightforward. So another bunch of money down the drain.

Lastly tried to install peel ads which I bought a while ago without using, and that would not install either.

One thing I often find with software is that sometimes when instructions are given, there is a little information about permission settings to change, but I have not yet come across any software in 2 years where the developer has listed all the correct file settings. They must assume that the original file settings will be correct but ftp software can change these settings during upload. It would be a relatively simple thing for a developer to go through the files and list the permission (chmod) settings for all files, but they do not, and it has caused me a whole heap of problems.

So, only one thing for it, I will have to write my own scripts to do what I want.

The old adage, if you want it done properly, do it yourself, certainly often rings true.

I would be interested to hear about any more frustrating problems others have faced.