Critical Steps to Online Success – Websites Built With MS FrontPage – How To FTP To Your Server

Let’s be upfront here-I don’t like working with Microsoft
Front Page-I find it clunky and restrictive.

Front Page generates some additional code that can get in
your way when you’re uploading and editing your files on
your FTP server.

Windows-compatible FrontPage CD’s will all come with Web
Publishing Wizard (WPW). However (and it’s a big “however”)
you can only use WPW to “upload” to your FTP server, you
can’t view the contents of your server directories and you
can’t move or delete any of the files with this software.
It’s probably easier if you install and use a standard FTP
software package. You can find Free ones on Google.

But be aware…FrontPage generates standard HTML files, but
there’s some additional Microsoft-specific code embedded in
the page.

If you have installed the FrontPage Extensions, don’t try
to FTP files up to the server with anything except the MS
Web Publishing Wizard (but then of course you can’t
manipulate them-or so I understand-I’ve not used the
extensions for this very reason).

If you wish to upload files via a standard FTP package,
please remember to “uninstall the extensions” before

This is a fairly straight forward process but not totally
simple. We don’t have time to get into it here so I suggest
you go to Google and search for articles on “How to Remove
the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions”.

You can get a really good “FTP add-on” as an extension of
the browser “FireFox” from Mozilla a great browser by the
way). This package is free and comes highly recommended
although I have not used it-I just use MS Windows Explorer
(I like to keep it simple).

All that being said, I have always found “Front Page” to
be very annoying and restrictive to use, so I don’t use it
anymore. I used it years back when it came bundled with
Windows 2000 and I didn’t want to buy another program. Now
you have to buy it as an additional package-it doesn’t come
bundled with Windows XP. So why not get something more
flexible to work with.

Keep on winning